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I believe in a yoga practice that doesn't just look beautiful or feel great, but serves a bigger purpose.

Most of my youth was spent believing in magic and loving beautiful things. (You too?!) It was no accident that I became an artist the moment I learned how to hold a crayon. If I wasn't daydreaming about fairy tales and true love, I was observing my world, studying what I witnessed and what I witnessed within me. Through drawing, acting, and dancing I attempted to make sense of it all.


Yoga finally found me in adulthood, 15+ years of classical dance training and a knee injury under my belt, an aging artist living a broken, worn, and painful way of life. Naturally, Life had just about ground me into little bits. But with steadfast urgency I looked to yoga to guide me back to something whole and in no time, it strengthened and healed my injured body and my tired mind. I found my way back to painting, to my heart, my magic and to my love for beautiful things.


On a hot Los Angeles summer day in 2015, I found myself midway through my home practice, breathing in down dog and gazing at my yoga mat underneath me. It appeared to be more of a canvas than a functional piece of yoga equipment. My mind ran with the idea. As I moved through the rest of my flow, I imagined that beneath my sun salutation lied a beautiful work of art. Half an hour later, I rose from shavasana, went to my box of paintbrushes, dusted off a small canvas, sat down, and took a chance at creation.


From the beginning, it was important to me to convey that, just as we are vibrant and colorful individuals in a great global community, each mat design is a portion of a whole painting. As Lucent Hue Yoga grows, my goal will always be to make a product that is not only safe on the earth and on our bodies, but also inspires and honors you! So on days when nothing seems to feel right or good or easy, let these mats make it easier. I hope they help you feel whole, and right and good again.


Let's make a pact to breathe deeper, engage more consciously and give ourselves unconditionally back to our selves. So that we can heal. So that we can go forth from what we've learned and create, as we once did, beautiful things. So that we can give all that we can back to our brothers and sisters, animal and plant friends, to the world that needs us.


Thank you for being here, my friend.


Whoever uses the spirit that is in him creatively is an artist. To make living itself an art, that is the goal.
— Henry Miller, American author